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Salsa’s Combination Dinners

NO substitutions for combination dinners

(choice of Chicken or beef / cheese or bean filling)

$7.99 ea.


  1. one Taco, two Enchiladas & Mexican rice

  2. one Taco, one Enchilada & one Chalupa

  3. one Enchilada, one Taco & Chili Poblano relleno

  4. two Tacos, one Enchilada & one Chili w/ beef & cheese

  5. two Beef Enchiladas, Mexican rice & refried beans

  6. one Beef Enchilada, one Taco, Mexican rive & refried beans

  7. one Beef Enchilada, one Chili Poblano Relleno, Mexican rice & beans

  8. one Enchilada, one Tamale, Mexican rice & beans

  9. one Beef Enchilada, one Chalupa & Mexican rice

  10. two Beef Tacos, Mexican rice & refried beans

  11. one Beef Burrito, one Taco & one Enchilada

  12. one Chalupa, one Chili Poblano Relleno & refried beans

  13. one Enchilada, one Beef Burrito & one Chili Poblano Relleno

  14. one Taco, one Chili Poblano Relleno & one Chalupa

  15. one Beef Burrito, one Enchilada & one Tamale

  16. one Chalupa, one Chili Poblano Relleno

  17. one Burrito, one Enchilada, Mexican rice & beans

  18. one Chalupa, one Chili Poblano Relleno & one Enchilada

  19. one Chalupa, one Beef Burrito & one Enchilada

  20. one Chili Poblano Relleno, one Taco, Mexican rice & beans

  21. one Taco, one Burrito & one Chalupa

  22. one Burrito, one Chili Poblano Relleno & one Taco

  23. one Taco, one Beef Burrito, Mexican rice & beans

  24. one Chili Poblano Relleno, one Beef Burrito & Mexican rice

  25. one Chalupa, one Taco & one Tostada

  26. one Beef Burrito, one Chicken Quesadilla & choice of rice or beans

  27. one Tostada de Avocado, one Beef Quesadilla & one Taco


Happy Hour Mon-Fri from 3-6 PM

Hours-Sun-Thurs 11 AM-9:30 PM

Hours-Fri-Sat 11 AM-10:30 PM

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